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Buying a Christmas gift for every single one of your friends and family every year can be incredibly costly. Luckily, there are so many different cheap presents that you can buy for them instead. While these gifts cost less than twenty dollars, they don’t look cheap and make great trinket gifts for your loved ones. If they’re into cooking, fitness, fashion, or technology, you will always be able to find a great gift option that you can afford. Here are just a few options available that all cost less than twenty dollars and will keep you from breaking the bank.

1. A Mini Waffle Maker

A mini waffler maker for under twenty dollars is one of the best purchases for a Christmas gift. Most people would love to receive this kind of present because it is so fun and different, and many probably wouldn’t buy it for themselves. Plus, it’s great value for money and makes for the perfect present if you don’t have much money to spend.

2. Candles

You also can’t go wrong with buying someone candles. It depends on who you are buying for, as perhaps some men would prefer not to be given candles for Christmas, but most people love scented candles. You can also find new and unique flavors to give someone, and often you can find candles with beautiful artwork on the outside, so they look and smell good simultaneously. Candles are also affordable, so they are the perfect gift if you want something under twenty dollars. You can even support local businesses and buy candles from them instead of a store: often, they will be homemade, more unique, and authentic.

3. An Airpod Case

Many people have AirPods and need a case for them. An Airpods case is a fun Christmas gift because there are many quirky cases to choose from. For example, if the person you’re buying for loves The Office or Grey’s Anatomy, you could find an Airpods case from their favorite show. Or if they love giraffes, you can buy them a giraffe Airpod case. An Airpod case is an awesome gift because while it can be fun and silly, it is also incredibly practical, and whoever you’re buying it for will use it well.

4. Claw Clips Or A Tote Bag

Claw clips are making a comeback at the moment, and every girl wants to have one or multiple, to add to her collection. These are great accessories that look good with any casual or formal outfit. These clips can come in various colors and patterns, and you can find one that suits the style of the person you’re buying for.

5. Resistance Bands

If the person you’re buying a gift for is more into the gym, training, and fitness, then you can also get them a great gift for under twenty dollars – a set of resistance bands! These can be used at the gym or even for workouts at home. If the person loves to exercise and takes it seriously, then your loved one will put a set of resistance bands to good use.